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Getting Ready

Step one, wrap my head around the fact that I said yes to a summer job in Alaska.  Next tell my family and a few friends what I have done.  Start on the research.

This is not the first time I have worked in another city on a temporary basis, so some of this is familiar and some learned at the school of hard knocks. I looked at the maps of the city and where I would be working, started looking for a small apartment in the area, this was just to establish some price points and locations.  More than 6 weeks is way too early for that.

Also started looking at stores that sell supplies for my favorite crafts that I knew I would be working on while in Alaska.  I also started live streaming radio stations from Anchorage to get a feel for the area. Everywhere has sayings that mean something to the locals that others may not understand.  So while doing something around the house, I was listening to Alaskan radio.  (Note to self.  In this environment, many radio stations are canned and it is one person in Ohio talking to a listener in California about a situation in Florida.  Had to find a local station.)


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