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My Alaska History

Just  a little touch of my personal relationship with this state.

My first trip with three co-workers  was in 1985 or 86.  We flew into Fairbanks and arrived about midnight and it was March.  The international ice carving competition had just ended.  We were staying at a B & B and just finding it for these city slickers was an ordeal.

It was one of the best trips I ever took.

I described Alaska to others as one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen, so much so, it hurt my eyes to look at all this beauty.  At that time I said I wanted to move here.  My family was not in favor of this idea.  I only half-heartedly pursued the idea at that time.

I visited several times after that and still felt the same.

ice sculpture.jpg

A very bad copy of an old picture taken at the ice carving site.  Look at that amazing reflection of the trees in the water.


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