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When the professionals told us years ago that we should only sit at our computer for 15 minutes and then look away for a period of time.  Most of us ignored it, because we had a deadline, a project to finish, a goal.  I hate to say it but they were right.

Now that I am a woman of a certain age who is embarking on a new adventure, I realize I should have been kinder to myself.  This morning I got up all ready to face the world of packing my stuff up and attacked the sewing room.

I realized after an hour and a half that they were not only talking about looking at your computer, they also meant bending over for an extended period of time.  Now you have the problem of trying to stand upright while your knees and ankles do everything  to prevent that from happening.  (Brings to mind the reference “I’ve fallen and…”)

While I was at it I did find those 5 seam rippers that walked away from my sewing table over the past few years.  Oh well, trip to working in Alaska is getting very close and I am still very excited and can’t get over the terror at the same time.  Life as it normally is.


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