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Sad Sewing Machine

crying machine

Sad day for my sewing machine. I sew all the time, to relax , to create beauty, to channel my inner designer, because I love it.

I purchased my favorite sewing machine, a Bernina, about 20ish years ago, and I love it.  Like me it is getting older and does not like to travel as much, so I purchased a newer, smaller, lightweight machine.  That is what I am taking to Alaska, so I can have more room in my luggage for fabric.

Today was the day, I finally had to unplug the big machine and package it safely for  the storage trauma. I cleaned it the other day, gave it a new needle and filled a few bobbins so it will not feel abandoned.

Today I sewed a few bits of my latest project a blue string quilt made from scraps of other projects. Then I carefully stored the project and the machine.  This getting ready to leave is tough on people and machines.


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