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Change is Scary


I felt the need to find a quote to help me get through the next few days.  So much changing at a pace that seems very quick.  Yes, I signed up for this, but…

One disadvantage to being human is that we second guess ourselves. I have had trips when I was much younger and I said yes, “I’ll go on that trip” and wound up sleeping in the bathtub. I am sure that I don’t  want to do that again.  You become concerned about where are you going to live for this time, and friends say, “Have you found a place to live yet”.  As a semi-responsible adult I feel the pressure to check things out .

There are some drawbacks to this process.  Driving distance is over 4,000 miles and if I were driving it would take me 3+ days to make the trip.  Plus there is a 4 hour time difference.  So calling doesn’t always work.  I can’t drive by and see the places.  I have no clue what the neighborhood is like.  So we are truly taking a blind leap of faith.

In the meantime, I am trying to wrap things up here at home, figure out what clothes to pack, do I have enough crafty, creative projects to work on while I am in Alaska. Of course, they have store to buy supplies, but that defeats my purposes a little bit.

You all have seen  clip art of arrows going every direction, that right now is my brain. I am still very sure this is a good thing to say yes to.

2 thoughts on “Change is Scary

  1. Of course it works out! Why should it not? I find being open to help/guidance/whatever from surprising sources is a good thing. Say you lost your needles, and went to a shop to get some. There you start chatting with the one helping you and another customer overhears what you are saying, so they excuse themselves and enter the conversation, telling about their neighbours who told them this morning they were going to let their house because they were going to work abroad for some time. And suddenly you have not only a place to live, but a crafty neighbour too! For instance.
    So take my word for it: it will work out, but you need to trust the process. Which, of course, can be the difficult part. Wishing you the best!


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