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Time And Lists



Time is not on my side.  Each day seems like a million and one things to get done and not enough hours in my day.  Make sure the utilities are stopped, how many seasons are really in an Alaskan summer, should I ship my bicycle, will  my cell phone charge me roaming charges all the time, just how much does an overweight bag cost, can I find my favorite brand of shampoo at a local store?

Just trying to work out answers to some of these questions bouncing inside my head takes a lot of time.  It seems that no matter how many things I crossed off my list yesterday, the list is still just as long.

I do find that making lists really is very helpful, but right now I lose every list I make in the jumble of packing.  I have found a safe place is just tack it to the living room wall.  It’s a good thing I have given up all semblance of being hospitable, cooking and entertaining are now removed from my vocabulary.  My diet now consists of whatever I can find in my freezer.

Each day brings me just a little closer and as I look around I see actual progress in the packing stage.  Yes, some rooms still have questionable item piles,  but there are not nearly as many as there were yesterday. Like the little train…I think I, I know I can.


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