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The Final Push


I will be airborne very soon off to Alaska. No amount of second guessing has prepared me for this.  I gathered a variety of craft projects to keep me from total withdrawal.  I have clothes for 6 months????  No way.

Clothing in space bags so it will fit in my suitcase.  Now that the air is out of all the items they weigh more and certainly don’t want to play nice with getting into the same bag.  What is the worst thing that can happen.  I will be caught wearing the same thing more than once a month, duh. I really did plan for multi layers because I have been told the changes in temperature can happen very quickly and layers are easy to add or subtract.

I have reached the total ” I really don’t give a *#$%.” mindset.  If it doesn’t fit, it will stay here and not join my adventure.  Part of what I am doing is hoping to save some money, to pay for more adventures. If I have to replace a lot of clothing it really defeats my plan.  Time to go back with a more critical eye and take half of everything out of the bag.

On the upside, I have been dealing with a wonderful woman at the apartment building I will be staying in. She even offered to pick me up at the airport.  I was delighted by her offer, but as a semi-seasoned traveler, I declined.

I  remember flying into a city in the past that I would be staying in for a little while and just sitting outside the airport for 45 minutes trying to control the panic I was feeling. I have become much older, a little wiser and not as timid.  It will be fine and I can’t wait to meet in person and buy her a cup of coffee.

Now, back to packing.



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