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Cutting Ties

cord cut.jpg

Cutting ties,  cutting the cord, cutting out the bad, cutting the past out, however you slice it (pun intended) , sometimes a new adventure means cutting some things out. The past experiences and adventures helped to make me the person I am today. The next adventure will help create the new me.  That is a good thing.

The email from my satellite television is what prompted this.  Yes, I did really mean to stop your services.  Like I should have my pocket TV hooked to this tether forever.

As a quilter my favorite image of cutting ties is a quilt.

tie quilt

So that reminds me I will have lots of time to quilt while I am between adventures in Alaska. Not sure I want to add a tie quilt to my to do list yet.

Some leaving the past will be bittersweet.  The people I have grown close to will have their own new adventures and activities without me.  Some will stay in touch and some will not, that is the nature of the beast.

Then I found a phrase that suited me.  I truly appreciate the past, but oh how pretty does that future look.


Next stop Alaska.


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