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Today  the challenge for the bloggers is to post on the one word, South, which in no way applies to me or does it?  I have lived in the South twice now, I like some Southern food and music and people.  I even have Southern relatives.

igloo cartoon

At a time when some of my friends are looking to retire in the South, what do I do, I go about as far North as I can.  I am spending the summer in Anchorage, not even on the South side of Anchorage.  There has been a little blurb going around the internet with a comment that nobody retires and goes North…I guess it’s just not so many.

There is certainly much good to be said about the South, but since my drummer led me North I will ride with it.  This is a year of exploration starting with the city of Anchorage which is beautiful in so many ways.  I am taking the time to look at it not just as a tourist and find it even more beautiful.

Now to my Southern family and friends, come play with me on the South side of Anchorage.




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