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I Will Survive!


No that’s not a picture of one of my children or grandchildren, it’s how I felt when I got the correct tools to have this hook-up again.  I promise I will be better at giving you that information about Alaska now.  Wi-Fi here has been spotty at best.  I have been looked at suspiciously  as I sat in a fast food restaurant with my laptop.  I have been looking at arrows spinning in a circle so long they thought I was drunk at the coffee-house.  It has been a bit of a challenge.

Now I can better chronicle what is happening here in a more orderly fashion. I am still loving the experience, at every level, even the non-internet moments.


Just can’t resist one more thought about how happy I am. I can also now chat  via computer with the family who has the urge to see if dear old granny has totally gotten off the tracks.




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