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Moose Walking??

This is an actual photo I took of a man walking his moose.

moose walking

This is a young moose, but still a moose, not your average household pet.

moose walks

I had to take several pictures just because.

It was a beautiful day and I was taking a walk near a park to see the kites people were flying.  Because of the almost constant winds, flying kites is a very popular activity, not your Charlie Brown caught in a tree kite, but flying kites that take a great deal of strength to keep them aloft.

kites over anchorage

Love this shot with the American flag and the mountains as a backdrop.  It’s hard not to get mountains in almost every shot.  But these are some serious kites they are flying.  This was going to be a part of what I was writing about it really being spring in Alaska, but then along came a moose.

Moose 1             Kites 1/2

walking the moose

This last one is not the same moose, but this one seems to be waiting for the right bus.

moose on street

4 thoughts on “Moose Walking??

  1. HI, Kathy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on the health benefits of drinking from a copper cup. I have visited Alaska a couple of times but on cruises, not as you are. Nonetheless, love it immensely. I am a sucker for nature and you have nature in spades there. fun piece on the moose. Keep up the good work!


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