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Anchorage Market

This is an open air market in downtown Anchorage, at 3rd and E streets.  It happens in the summer in a parking lot  on Saturdays.


This is the entrance as I walked up to it yesterday. Pretty fitting to see that row of flags just before Memorial Day.  I’m not sure if they do this all the time or just for the holiday weekend.  In any case, what a fun market.  About 6 rows of tents and a combination of a really nice craft show and your favorite county fair.


Always the backdrop of mountains, it never gets old.  Not super crowded at the time I was there which was about  1 1/2 hours before they close. I did not photograph the individual artist’s work because there was so much of it.  Tons and tons of original photography, jewelry, t-shirt designs, quilting, scrimshaw, wood carvings and the list could go on and on.  What a great place for an authentic,  original piece of Alaskan art as a souvenir.


On top of that is entertainment.  Several guitar players and singers throughout the booths as well as a small stage with an eating area in front.  Yes, they have funnel cakes, but so much more. Salmon served in ways you never imagined, caribou and or reindeer in a variety of ways, even some moose cooked up for you.

I selected a Russian baked dough that was filled with beef and rice and carrots and onions and spices, sort of an oversized ravioli.  Very tasty and they have a spicy version as well.


I will certainly revisit this market.  If you are planning a trip to Alaska and will be in Anchorage, add this to your list of places to stop on a Saturday.  Truly those work of art souvenirs that you will want to keep on display forever.

Sorry for all the sidewalk in photos, I neglected to crop them, I will do better next time.



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