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Spring In Alaska

Spring truly has arrived in Alaska.  In some parts of the country spring seems to last for only a week or two, here it develops over a longer period of time.  Which is delightful!  We have the usual spring flowers.

blooms on tree

We also have trees filled with flowers.  For people like me who came here from another part of the country that already experienced spring, I get to have allergies all over again.  The kites flying in the park is another sign of spring, and they are glorious.


The other aspect of spring is climbing Mount McKinley in Denali National Park. I had something to do at he airport recently and met my first official mountain climber.  This nice young man is currently living in Iceland and has been climbing for years.  He was arriving for a 3 week stay so he could climb the mountain.


The following week the newspapers announced the first team of the season had made the summit for this year.  There is a lot of preparation involved in this type of climb as well as expense and an element of danger. While it has never been on my bucket list of extreme activities, I can certainly appreciate what goes into this.  I am just grateful if I can see the mountain, I have not on this trip yet, I have however, on past trips to Alaska and will view it with new eyes thanks to this mountain climber.


I can only imagine the joy felt when you accomplish a physical and mental goal like this.



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