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So having a cold when you are over 4,000 miles away from anyone who may have sympathy or bring over hot soup or even your favorite drug store person can be miserable.  This too shall pass.  It’s just a cold, put on your big girl panties and get over it.

faucet nose

This is truly how I felt today, but my second day back at work was better than the first one. Although, this is also how I sounded again today.

faucet nose 4

So, some of the guests weren’t sure if I was animal, vegetable or mineral today. With a total 13 year old boys croaky voice.

spring cold 3

Still drinking the tea and juice, and taking my Zinc and Vitamin C. Next thing you know I will be participating in the People with Walkers 5 K again.

faucet nose 5

Gotta love it, and we all know that if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger .  One of the joys of living long enough to be a burden upon society.




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