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Cold Part 3

We have now moved on to the coughing phase of this cold.  I’m so happy.  Now everyplace I show my face they look at me as I am a leper who should be living in a fenced off area of the universe.  I am ready to go if that includes a tropical beach.

Illustration coughing granny
Illustration coughing granny

That elbow moves only so quick when you are standing in line at the drug store waiting to purchase another round of suggestions.  The worst and most constant suggestion is “Why haven’t you gone to a doctor?”  Are you kidding me.  People this is a cold, not the plague or  some other deadly disease.  If I had gone to the doctor each time someone in my family had a cold, I would have single handedly put 40 children through college and none of them mine. I especially love it when it is a 20 something who has no clue of the journey I have been on in my life.

bad cough2

Just send over a large pot full of chicken soup and a basket with tea and honey and I am sure I will survive this latest onslaught.

bad cough4

Hopefully the next post will find me out and about again.








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