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I am very lucky and have several of the world most handsome and intelligent and all round nice guy’s as grandsons.  Just saying.  So one who has a birthday in June came to visit me this week.  He is turning 20 and we need to do some fun things together.  So just like a grandma, I put him to work…WHAT. It’s not that kind of work, it’s easy things for a strapping young college student to do and a grandma to worry about.

College Dorm Move
Illustration of a Male College Student Moving into the Dorms

I am only renting my apartment for 6 months, so no painting walls , no holes in the walls etc.  He tells me his first dorm room was larger than this.  I had purchased some black out curtains for the windows, to keep the 20 hours of daylight out and tried hanging the rods with no holes in the walls.  So we use those self stick thing that remove easily.  Again, I hear, oh yeah this is what we use in the dorm.  Way to make me feel old.

college dorm 1


We have now completed covering both the window and the balcony door and I do not have non-stop sun keeping me awake all night. I also have him sorting out some of the quirky things my laptop does that make me crazy.  It’s a beautiful thing.

He is arriving as I am still fighting off this cold, so not a good thing for him, no energy and I am feeling like a wimp. So I will not be participating in extreme sports this visit. Things are still wonderful in Alaska.




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