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Alaska Zoo

What a delicious little zoo.  This is a short FREE bus ride from downtown Anchorage.  One of the many nice things about this zoo, is that the animals here mostly were injured or abandoned in the wild and can no longer live in the wild.  There are not the usual monkeys and lions and elephants in this zoo, that you can see in the lower 48.  But, many are species native to this area and/or climate.

polar bear

Just getting up from a nap.


Where’s my morning coffee?   Oops that would be me.

Seal underwater

Seals and otters in a nice habitat where you can see above and below water level.


One of several musk ox.  They also have Yaks. Looks like a cousin to this guy.


The swans were a bit of a surprise to me, but this is where they belong.


Tiger , not Siberian but Amur.

Also Moose and several Bears.  I will add more about this really nice zoo next time.



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