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Alaska Zoo Revisited

I really wanted to do a section mainly on the birds in the zoo.  I must say the placement and layout of the zoo is also delightful.  The zoo is in a highly wooded area and the paths are not concrete sidewalks like you find in the city.  The walkways are natural mulch type material and curve along the hills and have small bridges over waterways.  Very pleasant to have shade on a sunny day.


Obviously not a bird, this was in the orphaned animal section. A special area for newly injured or orphaned animals to heal and adapt before moving to exhibits in this or other zoos.  This face was too cute not to show you.


Not all are exotic birds, they had Magpie, Ravens, Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle and quite a few different types of Owls.  It was fun to see the Magpie and Ravens since those birds along with a Bald Eagle live in my neighborhood of Anchorage.  I hear them and see them as I walk around. The Bald Eagles were just a majestic as in the wild, but these had missing or damaged wings so would never survive in the wild.

The zoo also has the required gift store and food available as well as a picnic type area and a children (or adult) petting zoo section. There is a fee for entrance, but I believe small children are free.  Open long hours in the summer 9 AM to 9 PM, this coupled with the free bus should make this a stop on most visits to Anchorage.

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