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Salmon Fishing – Anchorage

salmon fishing

This title conjures up pictures many anglers have seen, man on one side of the bank, bear on the opposite and tons of fish in the water. Not exactly downtown Anchorage.

sqlmon fishing 2

Ship Creek is a waterway in downtown Anchorage where the salmon come every year and many varieties of salmon.  One day when I was there the King were running and there must have been 200 fisher-persons in about a 4 block stretch. Using all variety of bait and poles and lures, sadly that day, no fish. About 3 days later, the fish were biting.

Monopod platform
Anchorage, Alaska. Ship Creek Fishery supports Chinook Salmon and Silver Salmon runs in the heart of the city.

It is a short walk from the downtown area, about 6 blocks, mostly downhill going. There is a bait shop near the water to buy bait if you choose.

You can get a license several places in town, everything from a one day to a yearly for a very nominal fee, plus purchase a salmon tag for your license. You can purchase a pole and lures at several fishing or sporting goods or big box stores.  You can also rent a pole from a company right downtown.

salmon fishing 4

Because there are so many people in such a small area, it becomes like a ballet.  One person casting over the next and not as far as the person on the opposite bank.  You become in tune with all those strangers after the same thing.

Bird Creek Salmon Fishing

What a great way to spend a day, doing something many can only dream about.



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