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Today I Am 70

I was going to get sappy, but I’ll save that for later.

The best gift ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   My grandson and I went up in a 1947 model Piper, 1 propeller, 3 people, so unbelievably awesome. Pilot in the front seat, the two of us, with one seat belt, on the bench in the back.  Too much fun.


The door of the plane is open as we are taking off from Lake Hood in this float plane.


Flying over a place in the mountains where 3 glaciers come together.  Beautiful.


Door open again as we have landed in this small lake with icebergs larger than our airplane floating in the water.  The most beautiful thing I have ever seen this close and personal. We even held a piece of the ice that broke off from one.  I just do not have enough good words for this.


Hard to see but there is a mama moose and baby down there.  On this trip we saw sheep and goats all over the mountains, mama and baby moose on the trails and swans serenely floating on a small lake.

When you hear the advertising that this is the only way to truly feel Alaska, believe it.  Our pilot was amazing, skilled and very knowledgeable about all things Alaska and should have been on his honeymoon.  He was married 2 weeks before, we met his lovely bride as well, and they decided to wait until Alaska is cold and dark to go on that honeymoon.

I could not stop smiling for hours, even as sick as I was.  I will never forget this trip.


We flew with Trail Ridge Air Inc, and it was a well thought out trip to maximize our safety as well as our viewing possibilities.  I will do this again before I leave here.



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