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Turning 70

I never planned on being this old, truly.  Some kids think what it must be like to be 30 or 50 or 70. I was one who just was interested in my next activity, would that be shooting marbles, playing with paper dolls or reading a book.  All were favorites of my childhood.

playing marbles

I am in relatively good health, and I do take a little credit for that, much of it is genetic.  But, in my 20’s seeing my parents in their 50’s and 60’s I could see some of what might happen.  I eliminated salt quite effectively from my diet so I would not have high blood pressure. It messed with my thyroid instead so I now take pills for thyroid and high blood pressure. Ha, the universe has a sense of humor.

universe humor 2

Looking forward to this year of adventures has made me very happy.  I am still in some level of control of my life. The separation I have forced on myself by moving away from everyone and everything I knew has given me new time for reflection.  I have lost some dear people in my life in the past few years and know that some are on that brink even now. I can only keep them in my prayers and hope for the very best for them.

I sometimes think the noise of the world gets into our heads and we no longer listen to our own thoughts.  This trip has changed that for me.  I truly have time for reflection and learning.

70th birthday cake

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