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Anchorage Museum

This is a very modern looking building right in the heart of downtown Anchorage.  Within walking distance of many of the hotels.

anchorage museaum

anchorage museaum2

There are beautiful and informative displays of the indigenous people of this area.

anchorage museaum3

anchorage museaum4

In this area they have oral history recorded and being played back throughout. Simply find a screen and seating nearby to hear the history of the people here.  The displays are clothing and hunting equipment and all things necessary to live in this harsh climate.

anchorage mseaum5

The upper floors have amazing local art worked displayed as in a gallery or fine art museum.

anchorage museaum6

The fun happens in the children’s area.

anchorage museaum7

This is very interactive a what a fabulous place to bring children on a rainy or snowy day in Alaska.

alaska museum 8

There is a fee for entrance to the museum.  It also has a great gift shop and a delightful restaurant inside.  Most definitely a place to add to your list of things to see in Anchorage.

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99 Wow

Today my friend turned 99 years old. She is semi-independent, has had to give up driving a car due to poor vision.  I salute her tenacity and her attitude.  She chooses to be as active as she can possibly be.  Cooks and cleans her small space. Still communicates with friends from the past.  Has a somewhat active social life. Keeps her mind active with puzzles and conversation.


As I am rapidly approaching my 70th birthday, I am truly humbled.  I am looking forward to being sedentary again as soon as possible, wait strike that, I was looking forward to that and I do believe I now have to change my mind.

live this long

I think that taking better care of myself kind of happens.  I do eat pretty much healthy food and have taken a job that requires some measure of physicality.  I get out on my bicycle periodically and walk a lot.

It’s the engaging with people I sometimes have to really work hard on  If I have a quilt I am working on, it is easy for me to not speak to anyone for days and it doesn’t bother me. Now I have to push myself to be social or maybe I should become one of the many Alaskan bush people who don’t see other humans for months on end. Hey, I’m in Alaska, it could happen.

There’s got to be an easy way to accomplish this.

99 years

99 years 2

I like the sentiment of both of these, but this does it for me.

99 years 3