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Goodby Garrison

Garrison Keillor ends his Prairie Home Companion show after 42 years.  I was not always a fan, even though I knew those people he spoke of.  I am from the Midwest and could put a name to each of those delightful people who he spoke so eloquently about.


This show grew on me as a long time friendship does.  Now we had history together even if he never knew me as a member of his audience.  I liked some segments more than other, but behind everything was his dry humor about his fictional town and its inhabitants and they drew me in.

As a lifelong listener to Public Radio, I look forward to his next endeavor.  Goodbye and good luck in all aspects of your future.


2 thoughts on “Goodby Garrison

  1. I understand that the one taking over for him is Chris Thile, the mandolin player for Nickel Creek. If you haven’t heard them, loot them up on iTunes. I think you’ll like their sound. Don’t know how Chris will fit into that spot. Perhaps he has talents that I’m not aware of!


    1. I have no doubt the new show will be good because Garrison will still be involved, but more behind the scenes. I will certainly check them out on iTunes. I do know I will continue to listen to the show.


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