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4th of July – Alaska

Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of this holiday. I love fireworks displays, I make my family all wear red, white and blue and I love a parade. My patriotic heart swells when the fireworks are timed to a patriotic song.  I do volunteer to take all the kids to every firework display around and I truly love every minute.

I got my potato salad ready and cut up the watermelon and had to test the ingredients for s’mores to see if they were fresh enough on the 3rd.  I was ready.  I might also say, I have been lucky enough to experience this day in a variety of places over the years so  I have multiple locations for comparison.

The public transit system shuts down here on holidays, makes it a little more difficult.  We are also still in the midst of long summer days, about 19 + hours of daylight still.  So I find my way downtown, where everything is set to happen.

Many of the vendors are the same ones we have seen in other locations, with a few more added.  The resource pool for that is limited here.  The park just on the edge of downtown is a long park that is one block wide, much like the mall in Washington DC in front of many of the museums.   Only this is only one block wide and very few trees.

A great location for all types of events.  Lots of space for families to picnic and plenty of room for the vendors.  It also provides lots of viewing space for the parade.


On a normal day, no special events.



All in all a fun day among enthusiastic participants and beautiful surroundings.  I did not stay awake for the fireworks which are set for about midnight to get as much dark sky as possible.  I do have a photo and from what I heard they were just as wonderful as everything else was on this chilly July 4 in Alaska.




2 thoughts on “4th of July – Alaska

  1. LOVE.. LOVE.. LOVE.. your post !!
    You have yet another undiscovered talent…. many of us(TN) enjoy
    reading about your adventure


    1. Thanks so much for the encouraging comments, you never know if what you say will even reach one person and I am enjoying this adventure more than words can describe. Not only am I learning a great deal about Alaska, I am learning a lot about myself. Thanks again.


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