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Climbing Flattop

Flattop Mountain is about 15 miles outside of Anchorage in the Chugach State Park and is over 3,000 feet high.  It is known as the most climbed mountain in all of Alaska.  Because of its location and much of it is able to be climbed by the novice with no real special equipment required.

There is a van from Anchorage that travel there daily from mid-April to mid-October for a small fee.  On your own it is a short drive to the State Park.  The trail is well marked and it is about 3 miles round-trip. This is one way to get great views of Anchorage as well.


This was Flattop a short time ago.  There were a few moose sightings the day we were there, but you can never tell just what wildlife will show up.

The last bit of the hike is not quite as easy and is much more vertical.  That is hands and legs and knees helping to get to the summit to see the flag.

flattop top

Flattop in the winter.

flattop mt

Just beyond the summit there is a ridge line that the daring climb for even higher elevations and thrills. What a thrill being able to go home and tell everyone you climbed a mountain in Alaska.


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  1. still enjoying ALL your adventures..Keep writing… everyone”s fine here.. No changes to your trailer….


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