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Segway Tour

When did this become a thing?  I guess I was not paying attention to all the trends out there.  You can take Segway tours all over the world. Pictures in front of the Eifel Tower or the White House or the Golden Gate Bridge.  I guess because I came here as more of a visitor than a local I am looking at touristy things a little more. Well Anchorage has a Segway tour, it lasts about 90 minutes and that includes instructions on how to ride one.

seg tour 4

The tour starts in downtown Anchorage and covers a lot of territory and information about the city, plus it’s just a fun thing to do.  For those who are a little intimidated, they have ones that you can sit on and just cruise along with the rest of the group.

seg tour 5

As the map shows they are right in the midst of everything.  This is a tour for all ages and the day we were there, most of the people on the tour were locals.  I thought that was pretty interesting because it just gives people a different way to look at their own town.

seg tour

Look Ma, no hands moment in front of the old train downtown.  This is a spot several of the tours come to, because it really is an important part of Alaskan history and it is a very pretty spot to see.

seg tour 2

This is certainly a tour I would consider for everyone to try.  All the people on the tours I see around town seem to be having fun, even on rainy days.  They just put on a poncho and a smile and off they go.

So look into the next big city you are visiting and consider this type of tour.


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