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2 Breakfasts

I have not talked about restaurants here in Anchorage yet.  Of course I have been going to them as I travel around the city.  Let’s start with breakfast.  I really don’t like to do a compare/contrast write up, but this will be a little of that. When I asked for restaurants of locals I got a few repeats and think that is always a good starting point.

A good travel buddy of mine, also a Kathy, had a theory when we were in another country that worked especially well.  On the street ask someone who looks like a local for a good restaurant.  If you get 2 out of 3 saying the same thing it is probably true.  This has definitely worked in the past.

The first place I went to because of both the recommendations and the appearance.  It looks like a diner dropped in midtown Anchorage.  I almost expected to see  Alice there.

breakfast 2

The seating is booths and an extended counter if you want that diner experience.  They are open for breakfast and lunch and make lunches to go for people traveling or touring. The food is delicious and quick.  The place seems to be obviously filled with locals or at least repeat customers.  Based on the staff greeting of patrons.

The menu has many standards, but also some original items. Fresh ingredients and I cleaned my plate on both occasions I visited.  Which I am not known for.  In many cases I ask for a to go container almost as soon as I sit down, because I don’t eat that much at one sitting.

breakfast 4

Another place is Snow City Café an early morning restaurant in downtown Anchorage.   I was surprised at where some of the recommendations came from, but knew this had to be on my list.

breakfast .png


Near the Captain Cook Hotel on 4th St.  I was a little surprised by the 1 hour wait time to be seated.  This was not a Sunday Morning in the south after church, where that seems a normal wait time.  This was the case on the several occasions I stopped there. They also accept reservations which I suppose is a good thing.  I am not sure this is a local hang out, but quite a few tourists were in here.

The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch only, they also have an expresso bar and pastries. Once seated the wait time for my meals was almost as long as the time to be seated.  Good thing I wasn’t hungry.  I was underwhelmed by the food on each occasion and  might stop to pick up a pastry, but probably not.

breakfast 1.png

Both restaurants serve alcohol and a variety of beverages along with the food.  The hours are comparable as are the prices.  The downtown location might make it easy for someone in a hotel, but midtown is a quick cab or bus ride from everywhere.

Now we simply need to get Guy Fieri to come to this diner for his show.


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