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Not the ones from Baltimore.  Not that I have anything against them.  I always like the colors of their uniforms.

raven 5

I am talking about the  ones that live in my neighborhood here in Anchorage.  I have seen raven before, at the Tower in London or at the Zoo.  This is the first time we have shared such close territory.  They like to sit on the roof of my building and talk to one another.


So at times when I am out on my balcony, I hear them first and this is a very loud bird, next I see the beak over the edge of the roof. So I did a bit of research and this is kind of a mystical bird in some cultures.  To Edgar Allan Poe, he simply said “Nevermore.”

raven 6

There are Native American stories about how the raven stole the sun and the moon and the stars and changed the earth. I love these drawings of ravens.

raven 1

raven 4

My favorite bit about raven is the rare white or albino raven.  Again various mystical powers have been attributed to white ravens.

raven 3

This is just another thing that is so easy to take for granted.  This bird now has me fascinated with its actions so I can see where in earlier times it was easy to give the bird magical powers.  I am currently just enjoying the sounds that tell me he or she is here. Also trying to figure out how many ravens will end up in my Alaska quilt.

Maybe this will be my Alaskan tatoo??


4 thoughts on “Ravens

  1. Tattoo of Raven..? what about a Moose..? see many of these majestic animals ? all is well here.. Going to Myrtle Beach in Nov.. will you be back by then ?


    1. Yes and I just told a friend I need a week on a beach after Alaska. Yes I have seen mama Moose and babies and huge mountain goats and sheep up in the mountains. Still not sure what the Alaska tattoo will be, stay tuned for further events. ❤


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