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Northern Lights

aurora 1

The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis can not be seen in Anchorage in the summer.  To view the amazing phenomenon, you must have dark skies, and we don’t have that right now.  But, Anchorage has a solution.  At the Center For The Performing Arts, until September 1st, is a short movie about it.

This is almost an hour long movie of still shots taken in sequence, so you see the movement in the sky.  If you are looking at the Northern Lights, it’s not like a solid line of color in the sky that pops in and then goes away.  It looks like the light is dancing across the dark sky.

I have never seen the lights in Alaska, but I have seen them in Wisconsin and Illinois and it is pretty amazing.  The movie gives you the feel of the lights with out the sub-zero cold temperatures.  Of course, my mind goes to a quilt.

aurora 3

Bargello style would work.

aurora 5

This is a beautiful variation on that.

aurora 7

Love the needle felting on this quilt.


Not very different from the quilt before it.

This is a delightful way to see something that most of us do not have an opportunity to see.  In the Roger Ebert style review I give it a thumbs up for a way to experience it.  Also a gallery where you can purchase signed copies of the photographs.

aurora 2



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