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Blue Angels, Not Blue Skies


I am a huge fan of the Blue Angels flying team.  They put a smile on my face when they are performing and bring out a patriotic streak a mile wide.  I can’t even tell you how many times I have seen them perform at various air shows, but I will continue to watch them every possible opportunity.

This weekend they were participating in an airshow in Anchorage.  Skies were not as blue as they have been and we had some cloud cover, but they still thrill.  This may be self-indulgent, but I did get a few pictures to share.



Most of the precision team flying was done in groups of 4 aircraft, but they did some with the 5 aircraft together.  The fifth plane was in the sky with them the entire time I can only imagine what a thrill it must be for those pilots to be able to maneuver in the most beautiful setting of Alaska.


Thank you a most awesome performance.


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