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Earthquake Park

Thisearthquake park

I knew that there was a huge earthquake in Alaska in 1964, called the Good Friday  Earthquake because of the day.  It was a 9.2 magnitude and lasted over 4 minutes. This was the second largest earthquake EVER. If you have ever experienced an earthquake, 4 minutes is a very long time and over 9 on the scale is massive. Much of Alaska was affected by this and the world felt the impact.

Earthquake Park in Anchorage is on the site where 75 homes were destroyed and the ground is forever changed.  This area cannot be built on ever again and over 50 years later you can see the evidence in the ground itself.

earthquake park 3

In some areas of Alaska the ground raised up 30 feet, in others it dropped 10 to 15 feet and landslides were everywhere because of what it did to the soil. The tsunamis caused damage in Hawaii and Japan.

earthquake park 2

Earthquake Park has a peaceful feel to it.  It is relatively small and is intersected by the Tony  which was Coastal Trail.  Also, near the airport already there at the time of the earthquake.

earthquake park 5

There is a monument in the center of the park and it is as tall as what the earth shift was in that area, 15 feet.  It is quite impressive.

I was not sure what to expect from a place called Earthquake Park, was this an amusement ride or the tombstones of those who died there.  It is really quite a calming and educational site.

earthquake park 4



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