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Summer Help

alaska summer

Lots of places around the world are looking for extra help in the summer.  I chose Alaska for a couple of different reasons, I fell in love with his place the first time I visited, it is beautiful beyond belief.  I hoped the summer here would not be as humid and hot as it is back home and that has proved to be absolutely true.   I said many years ago that I wanted to live in Alaska, so this is an item crossed off my bucket list.

summer job 5

Some of the people I work with are life long or long time Alaska residents.  Some take on a second job in the summer as many would around Christmas, to make a little extra money. This season lasts a little longer the holiday season .

The kinds of jobs available are amazing and varied.  From temporary office help to bus drivers to tour guides to taxi drivers to retail shop help to wait-staff to laundry help to chef or cook and pilots as well.  What might strike you as a fun occupation, there is probably a coordinated job for that.

summer job 1

People also come from all over to work here. We have a number of University students from Bulgaria and Serbia.  They are recruited in their country and fly here for the summer.  Many of them pay a lot for the air fare to get here.  Then there is housing.  As with many college students they are good with dormitory style living and that gives them an affordable rent.

summer job 3

You will see them all over town on bicycles, again an affordable type of transportation and gets them place to place faster than the city bus.  Also a number of them are comfortable with walking that 1 mile or so to get to work.

Quite a few take on second or third jobs to save money.  The main point of their being here is to pay for next years university costs.  If they live frugally over the summer that is very possible.  They are not only the international students who do this.  I also work with students from Washington, Utah,  Florida and more. Not all are students, quite a few are retirees like me who are able to lead a tour or drive a bus or whatever.

summer job 2

In the Midwest, farm country many of my family and friends had all those summer jobs as corn de-tasseling, lawn mowing and life guards.  The fun things that you only get to do in summer.

summer job

This has been an extremely educational summer so far for me.  Not only am I discovering all those amazing places in Alaska I had not seen before, but I am learning about life in other countries and as always learning more about myself.

summer job 4





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