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Quilts at State Fair


This is the grand prize winner at the Alaska State Fair, a truly beautiful paper pieced quilt, and well deserving all those ribbons.  It, and most of the others on display were hanging from the ceiling.  A good way to display a lot of quilts, but tough on the photo opportunities.  The volume shows quilting is alive and well in Alaska. The quilts went from one end of the building to the other and then some!


A whole series of  quilts were on a separate display area. They had a mini quilt show with a quilter showing all the different quilts and explaining what was unique about these quilts.  One of those was made by a gentleman who was in the audience that day and while not receiving a ribbon, still quite nice to see the work of your hands on display and people appreciating the work that went into it.



A nice showing of small quilts. These are only some of the quilts on display, so truly a nice show.  They also had quilting demonstrations going on along with all the other fiber artists  showing their craft.

More state fair to come.


2 thoughts on “Quilts at State Fair

  1. Hurray!!.. Quilts.. just what the Doctor ordered for you !:)… they are All so beautiful.. I’m glad the craft is alive and well in these modern times.. do people still can food a lot ?… we have had the Summer from Hell… 90 plus degrees for months.. lucky you
    Happy trails to you until we met again… linda


    1. Yes, people can all sorts of things. I only stopped canning foods when I moved to where it was to hot to take a breath. They have all kinds of preserved foods on display at the fair, from canned to dried to leathers ( a version of drying) etc. Check it out sometime. I am afraid my time in Alaska is on the downhill side and I will have to make a life decision again. Not sure I am ready for that yet, but I will see you in November at some point!


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