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Anchorage Skyline


A skyline by definition is an outline of land and buildings against the sky.  In some large cities it is virtually impossible to see the sky for all the tall buildings in the downtown area or city center.  Anchorage downtown has a wonderful body of water that defines one side of it, and mountains that determine the opposite side.

The city of Anchorage mountains behind it’s high rise buildings kind of makes them all look small by comparison. The waters of Cook Inlet are in front and depending on the tides, the mud flats sometimes visible.


This is the opposite view of the Anchorage skyline with a beautiful view of Denali in the background.  On clear days the mountain can be seen from many downtown high rise buildings.


While many are justly proud of this skyline, I must say some suburban cities where I have lived have larger skylines.  With high rise apartments and businesses moving to suburbia, the architecture becomes very diverse.  Also with many cities, space for new building is extremely limited.

I recently took a class here to paint the Anchorage skyline.  In deference to my instructor I will not show you my painful painting of the skyline.  I will very much enjoy hanging it at home as a pleasant reminder of my time here in Alaska.


This is not my painting or one based on my class.





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