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Portage Glacier

Recently I visited this glacier for my second time, the first was about 18 years ago and like most people, it also has changed over the past 18 or so years.  The boat that takes you close to the face of this glacier is on a lake formed by the glacier and you go from the dock to the glacier and back again.  There is a ranger on board to explain what is happening around you.


While the day was foggy and rainy, that did not cause a problem at all. This is fairly close to Anchorage, maybe an hour by car, on the way to other cities so it gets visited a lot, and the boat gets really close to the glacier unlike most ocean cruises. The setting is magnificent.



The waters constantly flowing from the mountains are what makes up this lake, then there’s the glacier.



While it is hard to get a good perspective, we are about 300 feet from the face of this glacier.  The face that is showing is also about 300 feet high as it is slowly pushing forward.  We only see a portion from the water, but this thing is big.


The glaciers name comes from the fact that at one time this was a portage between bodies of water and how you got your boat across was by walking it over the glacier which filled the space between two mountains. The day we visited there were a few icebergs floating on the water from early morning calving on the glacier.

This is another of the awe inspiring places in Alaska, I know I sound like a broken record, but it is just beautiful.  Cold near the glacier so if you visit in the summer, don’t forget your hat and gloves and layers of clothing.



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