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Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center


This is a truly exciting place to visit. This wonderful bear was sitting like this watching all the people as if he knew he was pretty enough to be on the cover of a magazine. He is also only one of the 3 brown bears on display there and sitting down he is taller than I am standing up,  not hard to do with a short person as I am.



Some of the giant vegetables that were left over from the state fair were donated to help feed the animals.  Look at the size of these snacks!


A few of the Wood Bison left on the premises.  Last year a herd of over 100  were reintroduced into the wild in Alaska.  This is the type that was at one time native to the state.  A year later they are thriving and having new babies in the herd.  Just one of the wonderful things that is done here.


Native Musk Ox is another animal on the property.  Truly a unique experience, they have elk, caribou, moose, fox, wolf, lynx and porcupine.  All animals you will find in Alaska, they have an internship program if this is something you might like to do over the summer.  The facility is open pretty much year round and close enough to Anchorage for a  day trip.

This is not a zoo and does not have easy paths for walking in all areas, it has dirt roads the become rutted with rain and snow and travel.  It is in a beautiful setting off the Seward Highway.  Also a small gift shop and snack area. Small fee for entrance. This should be added as a must see on your next trip here.


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