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Alaskan Version of Jersey Shore


I could  have  been Snookie???  I never thought about a special summer job as a young adult.  I grew up in a large city and there were all sorts of summer jobs.  You could always mow lawns, but that was not a common job since they were so small in the city.   Mostly it was a life guard at the beach or at a pool, a camp counselor either at a day camp or an away camp for two weeks at a time.  There was always baby sitting and the retail store jobs that might lead to a permanent job after school.

You did not go away to stay with friends at a beach location or any other spot.  Summer was family time and you might have the opportunity to bring a friend or two along, but not a houseful like Jersey Shore.


Now here in Alaska, no shore line to hang out on, but lots of summer help.  Many from foreign countries or from the same colleges find jobs and room together to save money.  In some cases it looks like the same type of setup.  Sometimes the lifestyle appears to be the same, work hard and party harder.  The end of the summer  will not bring  a spin-off specialty show for any of the participants.


At the remote locations of hotels or campgrounds, they can be found in droves.  What a great way to pay for college, spend a summer in the semi wilderness and enjoy a lifelong experience that you can’t possibly buy.  New friends are made, new skills develop and hopefully they make some money that is not spent on the way home.

summer job 2


2 thoughts on “Alaskan Version of Jersey Shore

  1. still reading and enjoying your post.. wished my health was better and I could have joined you…
    hope your looking for another ” unusual” place to spend your Winter months… so your Life is full of adventure and mine too by reading your Blogs !


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