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Termination Dust

This is a light, high altitude snowfall that indicates the end of summer.


This is a real thing in Alaska and many people use this as the indicator to pull out the snow tires and get ready to put them on the car  Also for all those other winter activities like putting any plants into the green house , pulling out the winter clothes and make sure the Christmas lights are working because you don’t want to do them in the freezing cold.


I have also heard this referred to as “flee ” powder.  This is a cute phrase used to describe that all the summer visitors are beginning to flee back to the lower 48.


This is also the name of one of the books by Sue Henry.  She is an author from Alaska who has written a series of mystery books.


The first snow to stay on the ground in the Anchorage bowl, thereby terminating construction season. This is also a definition of termination dust.  In Alaska as well as in the other states with winter snows and cold temperatures, you also hear all the same jokes. Like Alaska has 2 seasons, winter and road construction

In any case that termination dust is on its way.

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