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Sourdough Bread


For not being a bread eater, I have 3 loaves of various sourdough bread in the freezer.  A local bakery makes cornbread sourdough and I have regular sourdough as well as rye sourdough. There is something truly delicious about each version named and I can’t wait to try others.  I first discovered sourdough when I lived in San Francisco and developed an addiction for it.


Sourdough was used by Egyptians in 1500 BC, has been widely used throughout Europe.  A bakery in San Francisco discovered a unique culture which created a flavor that the miners loved. Sourdough bread is made from a starter that needs to be replenished. The gold rush in Alaska brought sourdough starter here.


A sourdough is also a nickname given to someone who spent an entire  winter above the  Arctic Circle and it refers to their keeping the starter warm by keeping it close to their body. Some of that sourdough starter is said to still be in use today. The older the starter it generates a tang which is what makes it much more of a prized possession.


There are numerous recipes  available for starter, or put the word out and certainly someone has starter that needs to be shared.  I have never been successful at keeping and using the starter to make my own, it requires more attention than I can give. I do agree with the premise that sourdough is a magical food.


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