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Cubs In World Series!


I have been a Cubs fan since I was born!

I have no words to express how over the moon excited I am that they have made it to the World Series in my lifetime. Two things off my bucket list in one year is an unbelievable alignment of stars and planets and karma.

cubs 2.png

The Chicago Cubs had a thing many years ago called Ladies Day.  As a very young child my mother left my brothers and father behind and we took the bus to Wrigley Field. I grew up able to watch major league baseball.  This was not like the kids in the playground at the school behind my house.  This was big time.  Before we had a television in our home I was going to baseball games.

I loved the whole idea of it.  Riding the bus to get there and spending an afternoon keeping the stats of players was one of the sweetest childhood memories I have. I realize as a child I did not have much say in who I cheered for in baseball, as an adult I do.


I have been blessed to cross a number of things off my bucket list, even while I was young enough to really enjoy them.  I watched the Rose Bowl parade in person and even worked on a float putting flowers on. I went with friends to the Macy’s Parade in New York.  But the years these things happened they were the highlights for several years.

cubs 3.jpg

This year I had the chance to live in Alaska and will cheer on my Cubs in the World Series, EPIC. Now, I can’t afford the ticket to get in, but being on the same street will make me extremely happy.





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