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Fried Green Tomatoes


I know, I am not from the south. I have lived in the south a couple of times and have traveled a fair amount in the Southern States, and have eaten southern cooking, but am still considered a Yankee.  I liked fried green tomatoes before most of this travel ever happened.


Living in the south my tomato plants would have been completely burned up by now with the blazing heat.  In the north, thanks to mild temperatures now, I just went out and picked off the best looking green tomatoes.  My daughter tells me her plants have been producing all summer and they are not yet ready to stop.  Just waiting for that frost to kill them.


I love the movie and book as well, and thank you Fannie Flagg for all your contributions to the world. I knew her first as a comedienne and have been thrilled with her books over the years.

fried green.jpg

I am a bit simplistic in my preference for the fried tomato recipe and this past week introduced a couple more people to my bandwagon. I am hanging out waiting for the World Series games to end before I get back to travel.  I cooked them one evening for my daughter and son-in law.


My favorite recipe uses flour only as the coating, not cornmeal or crackers as some do, and I fry them in butter, not oil.  Mine is not the healthiest recipe, but over the years I have served these to many friends who like them.  Yes, I have tasted the others, and keep going back to my favorite.  Let me know if you want my recipe. I guess I am trying to make them a national dish, one plate at a time.




2 thoughts on “Fried Green Tomatoes

  1. Kathy, try slicing the tomatoes, add a little salt and pepper, and let them sit overnight on a cookie cooling rack (in the fridge if you like) before breading them. It will keep the coating crispy because the salt draws out the moisture. That’s wisdom from the owner of Gracie’s!


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