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Chicago Christmas


Downtown Chicago has already become very festive, lights are up, windows are decorated and people are starting to get in the mood.  Many people in the Chicago area have traditions that involve going downtown. Marshall Fields was the largest store that had windows decorated each year to tell a story. Many years the animation in the windows was truly spectacular and you rushed to go from window to window to see the story.  Also in the same store the restaurant everyone went to was the Walnut Room for lunch with the children either before or after they saw Santa and to see the 3 story tall Christmas Tree.


The store has now been taken over by Macy’s, but much of the appearance of the store is the same.  The tree is up and the windows are decorated and animated and it is still a destination for many families.


The animation now is not only the figures moving in the window, but the digital photos  used in the displays change.




The tree still looks spectacular.


One window this year is dedicated to the World Series winning Cubs with a logo in the Ferris wheel that is turning in the window.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.



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