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Split Pea Soup


About once a year I make split pea soup.  After the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays I can usually count on a ham bone leftover in the freezer and off we go. Today with more family around I pulled out the bones to make a pot of soup.

I think the first time I made it I followed a recipe, this was probably about 40 years ago. I was amazed the first time I tried the soup that I even liked it, since peas are one of the few vegies I  don’t like.  But it has been a part of my diet ever since.

I do have a couple of son-in-laws that like the soup and request it when ever possible.  Todays version has onion, carrot, celery and green pepper added to  the ham and split peas. I use whatever broth available and today it was vegetable and chicken that I had on hand.


It’s funny how this soup has generated much debate.  Is there a difference in the flavor if you use different colored peas?  I have only ever used green.  Do you add lentil’s to this soup? I keep them separate and like them both.  Are the vegies chunky or pureed?  Most of the time I like the little pieces of carrot or celery, but occasionally I do use the immersion blender and make it smooth.  Sour cream or not? I have added a dollop of sour cream in each bowl for about the last 15 years, occasionally a touch of dill as well.  The variations go on and on.

I am ready now.  All I want to do is eat a bowl.





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