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It doesn’t take much for those of us in cold weather to celebrate warm weather.  We made it through the Valentine’s Day events so we are pretty much poised and waiting for spring. We know it arrives eventually, but not sure we can survive the wait.


A few indicators turn us into springaholics.  A couple of nice warmer (this means above freezing) and  sunny days strung together and some blue sky.  The ice on the lake melting a bit, even though some fool-hardy people are out there ice fishing still. New varieties of birds at the feeders and not just the ones who winter here.


One nice green cane on a rose bush or older planting must be the harbinger of spring.  We don’t want to hear what any old groundhog said. Another sure sign, the first bonfire of the season, even if we are wearing heavy jackets, (we had one last night.)


Then come the flowers.  We love those hardy bulbs who are brave enough to poke a nose above the ground and say “Hello” to us.  We also look forward to any and all floral displays. If it is a local flower show or the early plantings at Walmart we stop and sniff.


It can’t come soon enough for us.


And as I do so often, I find a quilt that sings to me of spring.

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