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Chicago IL, Zoo Day

As with much of the country, Chicago, IL. is experiencing some very nice warm days in anticipation of spring.  What else can we do but take advantage of them.  So we selected a nice sunny and dry day to go to the zoo.  Lincoln Park Zoo is right in the city of Chicago, with high rise apartments and parks and Lake Michigan all nearby.


Lincoln Park Zoo is a free 35-acre zoo located in Lincoln Park in Chicago. The zoo was founded in 1868, making it among the oldest of zoos in North America. It is also one of a few free admission zoos in the United States. The zoo is also open 365 days a year. It was nice to hang out with someone or something much older than I am for a change.


I grew up in Chicago and have been going to this zoo all my life.  I have also been to other zoos around the country and a few in other countries.  This is high on my list for so many reasons  It is a free zoo and very accessible for everyone. It has changed over the years to meet the needs of the patrons and the inhabitants.  The types of cages have evolved, the animals themselves have evolved.


It offer a wide range of animals and truly is appealing to a very wide range of people.  Lots of school groups were taking advantage of the day and using the park setting of the zoo for the students to have a fun outing. As a child I went both with my school and with my family. As a teenager, it was fun to hang out by or in the zoo with friends and on so many days just a nice diversion. As a parent I take my children and grand children there. If you are a traveler to or through this city and have several hours to spend on a sunny day, it is easy to take public transportation to the zoo and commune with nature.




This zoo has a wide variety of animals that most of us will never have the opportunity to see in their natural setting.  It has great food available and nice shops throughout for souvenirs of all sorts. Easily accommodates strollers and wheelchairs.Lots of benches throughout for all to sit and rest.  Great artwork throughout and a delightful touch of whimsy in the water fountain.



2 thoughts on “Chicago IL, Zoo Day

  1. Although I have never been to the zoo in Chicago, I have visited this marvelous City several times and enjoyed it immensely. My brother-in-law is a professor at DePaul University so we often visit with him. Next time we are in town we will check it out perhaps!


    1. Thanks, I hope you find it delightful as I do. The setting has a lot to do with the charm of the zoo, just walking in a park like setting and people and animal watching on a beautiful day is always fun. Enjoy.

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