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Robin Egg Blue


When we are lucky enough to have the ability to peer into the Robin’s nest this is what we see.


As a child the song “When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin Along” by Bing Crosby was on the radio a lot.  Wow has the world changed! Of course now I find it on YouTube and listen as I am typing this on my laptop.  My grandparents would have flipped out, and we though we were the top of the universe then.  Ha.


The American robin since it is migratory is welcomed as a sign of spring, and  has a place in Native American mythology. One story of how the robin got its red breast by fanning the dying flames of a campfire to save a Native American man and a boy is similar to those that surround the European robin. The people of Pacific Northwest held it to be created by Raven to please the people with its song.

And a modern version of robin egg blue quilt.




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