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Turquoise Blue in My World


Today our color for this 120 day color challenge is Turquoise Blue.  Turquoise blue brings to mind the sky, the sea and beautiful gemstones.  Many years ago when I was a teenager, a friend of my Dad and Mom had a rock shop.  He and his wife traveled to various parts of the country looking for rocks.  They brought them home and he cut and tumbled rocks, made jewelry and opened a small store where these items were sold.  I picked a turquoise ring to purchase.  And I still have it and wear it proudly.


Turquoise deposits usually form in iron-rich limonite or sandstone. Limonite creates dark brown markings in turquoise, while sandstone creates tan markings. These markings are remnants of the host rock within the turquoise, and can resemble splotches or veins. They’re called matrix. I really like the matrix in the stones and my ring does have this matrix


I think I could lie on the beach and look at the water forever, with a completely happy smile on my face.  It is such a calm and soothing color  The quilt I have selected is a combination of turquoise and brown and I really like those two colors together.




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