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Sky Blue in My World


We are in the Sky Blue zone today.  Here in the Midwest we have gray skies and blue skies and sometimes that scary green sky before a tornado.  My favorite uncle used to say his favorite color was sky blue-pink.  It frustrated his children since there was no crayon for that, but as adults so many times we see a sky blue-pink and think fondly of him.


I made sure my picture had some contrast so the blue of the sky really bounces off the clouds and grass.  This is another place it would be easy to get lost in, just lay down on the grass and watch the cloud formations roll by.


The next time you see this sky, send sweet thoughts to my uncle, or yours.  Just hope you do it with a smile on your face.  My quilts also reflect the sky, both blue and blue-pink. (One is vintage, 1940’s, so in that color wave.)



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