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Pacific Blue


With the color challenge I have the joy of recalling my first time to see the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful Pacific Blue. As a Midwestern girl, the ocean was a part of a bucket list that I did not know I had yet. In my 20’s I moved closer to the east coast and had the opportunity to see the Atlantic in various places.

We had our great lakes so what could I possibly need with an ocean.  It was just saltier than my lake. So not until after I was in my 40’s did I go to the West coast to see the ocean.  The ocean was secondary to seeing a good friend in Malibu who had an ocean view for part of the day.  Early morning was the joy of seeing the fog move up and down the hill. Then a car ride and a stop on the beach to put my toes in.

Out in the evening, seeing the ocean as a backdrop to activity in Los Angeles area was very fun.  Houses and restaurants overlooking the ocean.  As we drove around to do a bit of sightseeing, I felt the unknown, until then, difference in the air as we got closer and further from the ocean.



This chair is a good representation of this color, however, I think this quilt is the color and the feel of Pacific Blue.



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