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A Photo A Week Challenge: Black & White

first frost (2)

Here is my photo for the week, it is frost on a window.  Beautiful but very cold.

My second is a black and white quilt.  I do so many in color I sometimes forget the simple beauty of black and white.

anniversary quilt



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Angel Numbers

Special sequences of numbers i.e. 333 or 1111 are called angel numbers among other things.  Did these kinds of numbers always appear?  Some of this I think has increased with digital watches, clocks and just about everything like coffee makers and microwaves.  We are seeing numbers differently.


While scrolling through something of mine, I focused on the number 888. This is not one I come across much so I looked it up. This has a good meaning in Chinese numerology, it’s supposed to be lucky.  Very good to have in a phone number or address or in business dealings.

In “Angel Numbers” it means that I should have balance in my life.  In my home, work, lifestyle, healing, relationships and beliefs.  I am not sure even what all of that is. It means that I will be able to create something of value to share with the world and I will be compensated abundantly.

I like that.

angel numbers 1

I know that numerology has been around forever, it seems like a cottage industry has grown from digital numbers.  I am not a cynical  person, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around watching all these numbers.  I am a numbers person.  Loved all my math classes in school.  Worked in accounting for many years.  I even count odd things just because.

angel numbers

I guess maybe I need to look into the science of it before I go much further. Maybe it is as simple as the world has changed to digital.  So instead of looking at a clock face and seeing where each hand is, you look at the sequence of numbers that pops up before you. I am not convinced that we are more aware as people, I had a couple of grandmothers that knew everything about everything.

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The Last of The 2nd Quilt Show


Many of us quilters can look at other people’s quilts all day.  We draw inspiration and ideas and courage from them.  We vow to go home and finish that current project to submit to our local show.  We vow to start a project worthy of submitting to a large international type show.  Or we just keep looking at all the beauty on display in these quilts.

I have so many beautiful pictures from this show, I could not keep them all to myself, but I will be quiet and just get out of he way. I hope you  enjoy as much as I do, and thanks for your patience.


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Why Chefs Wear White (and Sometimes Color Too)

We Are Chefs

1 Historic ChefBy Ana Kinkaid

Today’s diners accept a chef’s gleaming white jacket as the standard attire of a culinary professional, prompted in part by the early television appearances of Paul Prudhomme and Wolfgang Puck. Yet the real story of why chefs wear white began much earlier than today’s endless cooking shows.

Prior to the French Revolution in 1789, cooking was a largely undefined profession in which kitchen staff wore street clothes, or in the better households, an assortment of grey clothing often covered with stains.

Marie-Antonin Careme Marie-Antonin Carême

That is until Marie-Antonin Carême entered culinary history. At this time, Paris was famed for its elaborate pastries and the most innovative creator of these popular towering sugar edifices, known as pièce montées, was Carême.

Such creations were expensive and available only in wealthy households or in the windows of exclusive pastry shops. When the blood bath released by the French Revolution broke…

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A Daily Challenge: Footsteps


When I would write something years ago, I would start with a search through the dictionary or one of several encyclopedias that we had.  Today it is Google or Wikipedia to start.  I do believe the end is the same, a jumping off point, that little nudge needed to start the next project. Today’s word prompt is Footsteps.

My first search was on other blogs.  I came across one of a young man from Romania who had a most interesting blog about walking and taking one footstep at a time.  Then to an online dictionary.  Footstep, a step on which to ascend or descend, a way of life, conduct or action followed in his father’s footsteps.

baby steps

I was looking for my personal meaning and I think I must amend it to baby steps.  This is how I feel my life is traveling now.  I am taking baby steps to make a decision about where to live.  I am taking baby steps in learning how this blogging really works.  I am OK with baby steps at this stage in my life.  I don’t need to create an artificial deadline for me to meet with my decisions.

I guess as long as I am feeling and/or seeing forward progress, I am good with that. I am OK with the Scarlett O’Hara quote from Gone With The Wind.  ” After all, tomorrow is another day”

scarlett o'hara

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Climbing Diamond Head

diamond head

What a great experience.  This is not the tallest mountain to climb, nor the most difficult.  We were advised it would take a couple of hours to do this and that seems pretty accurate. This is a volcanic crater and the summit is just over 750 feet.  The name is synonymous with the Hawaiian Islands and a fun part of the island experience.

The volcano has been extinct for 150,000 years and it is called Diamond Head because  the British seamen saw crystals and thought they found diamonds.  The park admission price is only $1.00 per person or $5.00 per car, but the parking lot is small.

You enter through a tunnel into the crater bottom and walk up via a paved pathway for the first part. Along the way, the views of the crater itself are quite beautiful.  As you get higher up, in some areas there is a hand rail and the path becomes a bit narrower and steeper.

Nearest to the top are 2 ways to ascend, one is a set of stairs that are steep metal stairs.  The other starts with concrete stairs that lead into a steep 225-foot tunnel that leads to a circular staircase and you climb out of a window in an old bunker to the breathtaking view.


Make sure you bring water, as once you begin the climb as there is no way to purchase anything.  Snacks if you feel you will need the energy. Also be aware that it is usually quite windy, so a light jacket or cover is sometimes needed.  And on most days, it will be sunny and there is no real cover from the sun.


We saw all ages on the paths and at the top. At the bottom, by the entrance to the park,  is a gift shop, bathrooms, a food stand and picnic benches in the shade.

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A Photo A Week Challenge: Extravagance

A current example, in my opinion, is a Birkin bag.  It’s a purse people.

birkin bag 131000+

This one is over $130,000.00 USD.  It’s really nice.  But, it’s still a purse.


I love the fact that they are named after Jane Birkin, an actress, singer and songwriter who is also 70.  The bag came about from a chance meeting on a flight with the head of Hermes in 1983.

birkin jane

I Just have to give you one more look at a Birkin Bag.

birkin bag 1

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Mr. Polanski Stay Away

This has been in the news of late, because he wishes to return to the United States.  He fled this country years ago to avoid prison for statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl.  He was in his 40’s at the time.

I am glad you have made a lot of great movies.  I have actually seen some of them.  I also understand that you settled financially with the girl you raped.  And, you did spend 42 days in jail at the time.

Under what warped mindset does your behavior entitle you to return with a promise of no prison time. Ok, you are old, your early life was difficult and now you make movies. A bit of research shows that while many rapists are sentenced for 10 years, they serve about 5 years.  Then are put on a lifetime listing as a sex offender.

Please stay in your adopted country, or choose to move back to Poland, just stay away.  There can be no positive benefit to have you here.  I for one was grateful when you left the country, one less person to clog up the prison system.  On behalf of 13-year-old girls everywhere, I say “No Thanks” to your version of justice.

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I Know You’re Mad at United but… (Thoughts from a Pilot Wife About Flight 3411)

Thanks for the complete truth.

The Pilot Wife Life

If there’s one thing I have learned over the years, it’s that there are always two sides to every story.

On April 9th, a very unfortunate incident played out on United Flight 3411, the video of which has since gone viral causing a mass social media uprising with an ‘off-with-their-heads’ mentality. I mean, across the board. Fire ’em all and let the gods sort it out later.

Look, I get it. When I first saw the video I was appalled too. To say that it was inflammatory would be putting it mildly. But it was also a situation that was escalated far beyond the boundaries of necessity.

If a federal law enforcement officer asks me to exit a plane, no matter how royally pissed off I am, I’m going to do it and then seek other means of legal reimbursement. True story.

Knowing what I know about airport security, I’m

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